Religion in Cuba  


My most interesting thing I learned while visiting Cuba, was their religious beliefs and how freely they were practiced. The first thing I learned was that they have several choices of denominations. With a greater percentage being Catholicism, Syncretism, and Protestantism. There is also baptism and Santeria. Santeria is an African religion called Yoruba. This religion is practiced by Cubans combining Yoruba and Catholicism, which are considered one of the Syncretism denominations. With Syncretism religion, you are still worshipping one God. Cuba, also allows Jews, Muslims and Hindus to practice their faith. What was really fascinating was our language differed but our God was the same. It was very inspiring to see the spiders of Toledo, connecting with the Cubans through religion. While visiting the Martin Luther King Center, we went into the temple and worshipped God singing songs of praise! The pastor of the church let us know we may be separated by water but not by faith.




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