A place for faith: the Martin Luther King Center  


The Martin Luther King Center in Havana was one of the most memorable places we visited. We were so pleased and honored that there was a community center in Cuba, named after such a great person. We asked the founder what inspired him to name the center after Dr. King. ďAt the start of the revolution, in 1959, some of the pastors were divided and left and went the States, but some of them stayed. I was not able to put together Christian faith and politics. Dr King inspired me after reading some of his documents. I liked his way of thinking and his commitment to the church helped us. Through the life of Martin Luther King, I saw it was possible to be a Christian person and a revolutionist with out any contradiction. I began to study the writings of Dr. King and 15 years ago the center we dedicated and named after him. This month is the celebration of the 15th year anniversary.




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