We were there . . . . . . . .When spiders unite, they tie up lions.

Along with our daily attendance at Info 2002 sponsored by the Institute for Scientific and Technological Information each day we set out to learn something about the Cuban people. ITINERARY  In seven very short days we were able to discover that not only was a return trip necessary, but more importantly we all wanted to return.

SUNDAY / A day of travel and anticipation, departing Toledo 11am, arriving Cuba at midnight.

MONDAY / Opening day Info 2002, comments from John Berry, ALA president. An afternoon with ICAP, the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples)

TUESDAY / Stimulating day at conference, always encouraging to have your work confirmed. Our core values, cyber democracy, collective intelligence and information freedom was shared by a few who criticized the use of knowledge as merchandise. The afternoon was spent with folk at the Martin Luther King Center where Debbie played the piano and the group sang along.

WEDNESDAY / Leadership on command vs. a natural rise to leadership was discussed by one of the presenters, especially meaningful to the Toledo Spiders as along with general trip assignments we were each assigned a day to coordinate the logistics and working with our guide/translator act as spokesperson for the group.

THURSDAY / The Toledo Spiders spin an enchanted web and receive a standing ovation. Along with the mini CD business card produced for the conference the spiders each had a tee shirt spreading the word through the Ethiopian proverb "When spiders unite, they tie up lions."

FRIDAY / A Day of Sharing

. . . made to feel at home with hospitality from the heart

This table was spread in the small neighborhood warmly referred to as the "Little Sierra Maestra" The children gather to practice their English while I struggle with pigeon Spanish. 
We found politics and pride in presentation everywhere especially the small intimate guest quarters where we stayed while in Havana. Located in the north eastern part of the city, Casa C is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture. This 2 story converted mansion with 16 foot ceilings provided very comfortable housing. The kitchen bulletin board offered food for thought as well as the daily menu.