Africa in the Music  


Africa is not only part of the historical origin of Cuba, Africa beats in the pulse and rhythm of 21st century Cuban culture and consciousness.

Unwavering support for African liberation and progress is the policy of the Cuban government and a model of inspiration for all the nations of the world.

There is an exciting mix in Cuba of the retention of the African past, and the politics of social revolution. As a Black scholar activist Cuba is quite a positive turn on.

We found music in Cuba that we'd like to share.
It is Afro-Cuban.
It is African.
It is Cuban.
It belongs to all of us.


It is both an echo and a prophesy, the past and the future possibility for global unity.
We invite you to listen and open up your soul.

Rap Intro (Orishas: a lo cubano)
Represent (Orishas: a lo cubano)
Canto Para Elewa Y Chango (Orishas: a lo cubano)
Popular Music Yoruba Song- Introduction (Afro-Descarga) (Maraca)
Yoruba Song (Afro-Descarga) (Maraca)
Jazz Tres Dias (Babalu Aye)
Traditional Yemaya (Lazaro Ros)
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