Toledo Spiders go to Cuba
April 2002

Trip Itinerary with selected photos
Our Presentations at INFO 2002
  Inequalities in the information society: problems and solutions
       by Abdul Alkalimat (html, pdf, html (en espanol), pdf (en espanol), Spanish, English )
  Practical Examples of Social Cyberpower
       by Kate Williams  (html, pdf, html (en espanol), pdf (en espanol), Spanish, English )
  Educating Information Professionals in the midst of an Information Revolution
       by Kate Williams  (bilingual handout: html, pdf)
Distributing CDs and pamphlets (CD contents online)

Being recognized at final session of INFO 2002
Photo reports
 Women by Abdul Alkalimat
          Africa in the music by Abdul Alkalimat
          A place for faith: the Martin Luther King Center by Deborah Hamilton
          The value of a book by Pauline Kynard
          Education in Cuba by Michelene McGreevy
          Cuba: we were there by Aysha McWorter
          What Cuban librarians are doing by Kate Williams
          Cuba and its people by Rahul Thadani
          Values expressed in public spaces by Brian Zelip

        Religion in Cuba by Gary Hamilton

In March 2001, the organizers of Havana's INFO 2002 heard about the concept and the practice of social cyberpower in Toledo, Ohio. They asked for a presentation on the subject at INFO 2002. In response, University of Toledo Africana Studies organized a tour group of nine people. We called ourselves the Toledo Spiders.

Our work was of interest to the organizers of the conference. They saw their aspirations in our work, just as we were inspired by the accomplishments of the Cuban revolution, especially in the area of literacy.

One of us had traveled to Cuba in 2001. The resulting online photo report, "Literacy and Computer Literacy: The Cuban Experience" introduced us all to Cuba.

In preparation for the trip, we produced several CDs and a mini CD  which served as our business card. Three of us had just completed MA thesis projects and were going to Cuba as a sort of next step, from research to discourse.

Close to 500 people from 21 countries participated in the INFO 2002 conference.
If you were there, we would like to post or link to any comments, photos, or other accounts of INFO 2002. Please contact us at the email

In addition, one of our many activities at the University of Toledo is distance learning. Currently we are working with The University of Ghana. We are interested in expanding to other countries, so again, please contact us.




Thank you to the following:
Spanish translation: Christiana L. Kasner, University of Toledo
Spanish proofreading: Joel Blanco, University of Michigan
And thank you to the simultaneous translators at the Havana Convention Center.

Traducción: Christiana L. Kasner, Universidad de Toledo
El corregir: Joel Blanco, Universidad de Michigan
Y gracias a los traductores simultáneos del Palacio de las Convenciones de La Habana.

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